Our Ganoderma farm is located in Batu 33, Semenyih. Surrounded by mainly tropical forests that are untouched by development, the various ganoderma species are cultivated in a subtropical humid monsoon climate, the optimal environment.

The farm is ideally located in a place where there is ample sunlight and the climate is warm and humid throughout the year. With 100% organic planting substrates, growing conditions are painstaking controlled by our highly experienced staff.

The ideal temperature for Lingzhi cultivation (both mycelia and fruiting bodies) is between 18°C and 30°C, and humidity between 85% to 95%. Over or under sunlight exposure and high carbon dioxide concentration will affect Lingzhi’s growth. Our Lingzhi cultivation cottages are equipped with temperature and humidity-control systems, ensuring the most ideal climate for lingzhi cultivation at all times. The Lingzhi cultivation cottages are constructed of sturdy materials and are designed for optimal ventilation.

Our farm uses 100% organic cultivation including rice chaff and sawdust. No fertilizers, pesticides or steroids are used. Our Organic Cultivation method produces more than 200 kinds of primary and secondary elements such as enzyme, coenzyme, amino acid, vitamins, carbohydrate and other trace elements which help to improve the crop’s quality, quantity, growth and resistance to pests. Our Lingzhi Ganoderma strait cultivated in this farm contains high concentration of polysaccharides, organic germanium and triterpenoids (ganoderic acids), the key active ingredients for high efficacy.

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